Bad back

Just when you are beginning to get along with some semblance of normality, along comes a bad back.

I had to use the banana board to get into my chair this morning.

Thank you life, let me detach my head and place it on the floor so it’s easier to kick me in the teeth.

I’ve got a BBQ tomorrow. Hope there’s a nice tree for shade.

Best wishes.

I am also suffering from a bad back, pretty sure the pain is even lower!!! I have a fracture to L1 which has been behaving pretty well NOT any more. I ache when I sit, I ache when I move, guess what I ache. Last night my good leg (left) decided to ache.

Feeling bloody sorry for myself. Take care and be safe. M x

I have a bad back most of the time, pain gets really bad if I overdo things. Is a bad back a common symptom of MS. I should add my posture is not good!

You’re not on your own. I stupidly overdid things and have gone from walking with a stick to a very painful tottering along with my trolley, high as a kite on morphine. What an idiot!!! And I don’t learn as it’s not the first time. But I refuse to sit down and die, stuff needs doing and I can’t afford to pay someone to do everything for me. Cath

Hi folks

Doing too much? Probably, what is the option? I am not going to moan take care M x