Baclofen infusion


I saw my consultant the other day and i was asked if i would like to try Baclofen infusion into the spinal cord, so it might help me with the spasticity in my lower limbs ( my lower limbs are really bad ) As anybody from this site tried this and did they get benefit from this treatment ? And any downsides ?

I have ( Primary Progressive MS )

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Just thought I`d bump your post.

i have read about a small number of folk on here, who do have a baclofen pump.

Hope they will see your post and reply.

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Hi, me again. I have a friend who has HSP…this is what they think I may have. it is very similar to PPMS. I take 30mg baclofen daily and get about 80% relief from spasms and spasticity.

Now my friend takes up to 90mg in tablet form daily, but still suffers with spasms and spasticity.

She has been offered a spinal balcofen pump. She is seriously thinking of having it.

At the moment, she is weaning herself down off so many mgs.

I`ll let you know how she goes on.

Im sure shed be interested in how you go on too. She doesn`t use this site, as she got a definite diagnosis of HSP some years ago.

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