baclofen Pump

I was with my neurologist the other day and he has recommended that I try the baclofen pump for the spasticity in my right leg. I said I thought it was for people in wheel chairs/bedridden etc. He said no and they have recently put one in a lady with a spinal cord injury who had mild spasticity and it has worked much better than the tablets and that her walking has improved a lot.

I dont have an MS dx although my problems mimic PPMS a bit. My neuro thinks that my problem is due to the fact I had radiation treatment for cancer 24 years ago it has caused my spinal cord to age prematurely. Physios reckon my problem is 90% spasticity and 10% weakness in that leg and that the spasticity .is causing the problem.

I have agreed to go for the trial in which they inject baclofen into you via a lumbar puncture. They measure your response and then decide whether you would benefit from having the pump.

I have tried all the drugs orally (baclofen, Tizanidine gabapentine, fampridine etc)

Moyna xxx

Nouns keep us updated I have been told similar and am thinking about it, I see nuero again in three months. Don

How my kindle came up with Nouns for Moyna I dont know sorry Don

That is funny Don. I thought you meant to say nueros ! Moyna xxx

Predictive text it spell worse than me

It sounds like this neuro is a bit more pragmatic in trying to resolve your symptoms anyway Will you have to wait long for the trial?

Good luck

Sonia x

Hi Sonia,

I dont really know how long I will have to wait. I see this neuro privately so I am hoping he can get it on NHS. I am not sure if BUPA would cover it. To be honest we didnt really discuss the payment aspect of it. I always think of that afterwards.

Moyna xxx

I have been trying tizanidine but yesterday’s dose freaked me out hallucinating seeing bright colours and vegetables aubergine and pepper s through the front door, very weird