Back to bed

ive always suffered with having naps in the afternoon but just lately I get to 1 pm 2 pm latest and I’m that tired and flakey I just have to go back to bed till about 5-6 o clock then I’m up till 9 and back to bed, it seems most of my life is spent sleeping and there’s nothing I can do about it, people say find something to occupy your mind, I have plenty, I work part time 3 days a week only 4 hr shifts and I have an aviary full of budgies I breed. Other than pro plus I don’t know how to get past this or weather you can.

Ditto. I can easily nap two hours after waking up!! That’s ridiculous surely. Any effort seems to leave me exhausted. This super fatigue is awful and just seems to be getting worse. Oh well

I know if I do to much manual or even mental work it knocks me out and I end up paying for it, but this is just every single day and I feel so guilty to the wife that I’m just sleeping all the while. I’m looking at the clock now thinking roll on 9 I can get back to bed and get some kip,


may i suggest not to take something may that work against what your body is wanting/needing to do. it make work in short term but…

i totally understand u want a quick fix but this ms malarkey is here to stay and u will find your unique way of coping.


ps start listening to what your body is telling you-it will thank you for it!

It always cries out for bed… Lol

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lol then give it what it wants!

my body wants gin! and when some thieving *** has robbed it all, bed has to suffice. i sleep in 3 hour bursts, so that’s why i’m always here at silly o’clock. mental this ms malarkey innit carole x

Managed to stay up today but I’m absolutely knackered , everything seams to ache twice as much when your tired.