Falling asleep in evening. Any tips on napping?

Hi gang, my fatigue levels are worse than ever (didn’t think that was possible… but it is) and I’m falling asleep about 8 or 9 pm in the evening and then waking up at 3am.

I think if I could nap in the afternoon it would help but for some reason I just can’t get to sleep. I’m exhausted and lie there in darkened room, eyes closed and too tired to move but just can’t actually go to sleep. It’s like one brain cell is still wide awake and buzzing away like an annoying mosquito.

Any tips on napping? Or any tips on staying awake in the evening? I considering coffee… but worried I won’t get to sleep at all…

Pat x

Hi Pat Sorry you’ve got into such an annoying sleeping pattern. I think that you are either a daytime napper or not. I can drop off just like that! Perhaps you can turn things around by gradually making evening bedtime later - try to stay up half an hour later each day and build up the time you go to bed to 10 or 10.30. Maybe then your body clock will sort itself out. Hope you manage to sort it out as that is really horrible. Teresa xx

Hi Teresa, I wish I could… make bedtime later that is. Trouble is I’m so bad right now that I’m in bed most of the time. I sometimes manage to stay up for the morning but am back in bed by afternoon as haven’t got the energy to stay up. I have tried staying up and staying on the recliner but still start falling asleep at 8pm.

I think I just have to accept it for the time being. I have managed to doze for a couple of hours this afternoon, half listening to radio, and feel a bit better for it.

Blo8dy fatigue! One of the worst things is that I normally love to read but can only manage short bursts at the moment. Too tired to read! Would sound mad if I wasn’t experiencing it myself!

Thanks anyway.

Pat x

I hesitate to suggest something that might help, because I strongly suspect you know already, so won’t.

Predictable, that’s me.

Hi Pat,

I find that going to bed in the afternoon purely to make myself have a sleep, just doesn’t work. I can lie there for ages and just don’t drop off. However, put me in front of the tv in the afternoon and sure as eggs is eggs I will sleep right through the programme I wanted to watch!! I suppose I’m saying just let it happen rather that trying to force it.


I’m sorry Pat that you’re not able to sort this out fairly easily and that you’re suffering with fatigue so badly all day. Glad you got a doze in this afternoon. Yes it would be more bearable if you could sit and read to while away the time. I hope for your sake that this will pass. Do you think it’s worth seeing the GP to see if they can suggest anything? Thinking of you, Teresa xx


Try not going to bed to lie down (afternoon) and go to sleep, instead try listening to a gentle piece of music AND tell that pesky brain cell NOT to go to sleep!! You are just resting your tired/exhausted body. as for napping ‘go with the flow’ listening to your body BUT not fighting it. I’m sure from reading this you will know that I not only have been there but I am there daily. take care, M

How’s the napping going?Take care, M

Hon, I took your advice yesterday and today. Lay down listening to radio and told myself NOT to go to sleep. I dozed off both days! Not sleep exactly, but almost sleep. Today maybe I did sleep for 10 mins or so. Anyway I do feel a bit more energy right now (after dreadful fatigue all day).

Thanks for advice and will keep it going. I think that like so many things, maybe napping can be something that can become habit.

Pat x (cat nap )

This sounds like a good plan Pat, if it proves to help a bit, it is worth sticking with. Hopefully it will become a habit! Good napping Pat! Teresa xx

What fun!! (cat nap) Try breathing slowly in, expel also gently and slowly, it’s almost hypnotic I nearly fell asleep there, rest your brain and your body

Take care, M

Hi Pat,

I have been reading posts for so long and have had trouble logging in due to my constant forgetting my password. Your posts are so familiar to me fatigue I never thought it was possible to feel so tired and week. Ive been in bed reading your posts feeling the same,feeling like the world is passing me by, and feeling so guilty for my two children who will just remember me lying down and exhausted. I have started Modafanil 100mg so will let you know if it helps. I tried l-carnitine to no effect. I just have to rest no option now. Like you find I cant read but hope it will soon pass. Out ofinterst do you know if headaches and severe nausea are a feature of ppms or ms in general? Anita x

I’ve asked my hubby as he seems to have got this napping off to a fine art.

He says “pick up newspaper and sit back to watch tv at same time” works like a dream for him every time. He neither watches tv or reads paper just out like a light!

Keep trying every trick in the book until you find the one that works for you, best advice I can give is don’t stress about it as that never brings good results.

Luv Ann

Thanks Ann… I’ll try that! I have found that if I don’t ‘try’ I sometimes do drop off.

Maybe what’s working for your hubby is asking his brain to do two things at once… multi tasking… lol… men aren’t too good at that. But saying that, neither am I!

Pat x


I think its important to rest the brain and the body with a huge dollop of positive best wishes Take care, M

Hi Pat, a funny for you, l sometimes fall asleep mid afternoon, my grandson calls it my pre bed sleep if l go to bed 10ish l put the radio on sleep mode for hour that sends me off.

Regards Jan xx