afternoon fatigue :-(

Hi all. I was diagnosed with ms in Jan this year, it came as such a shock. At the moment I’m having really bad problems with fatigue especially in the afternoon, its so bad that I’m too scared to even drive as I feel myself falling asleep. It comes on all of a sudden and sometimes if i have chance a power nap helps, but if I don’t have time for a nap I seem to suffer really bad headaches in the evening. Does anyone else experience this? Feel like I’m losing my mind :frowning:

If I don’t sleep in a pm I’m good for nothing. I’m retired so it’s pretty easy for me to get out a rug, listen to an audio book and drift off to never land. I have tried to fight it but it’s no good - without that little nap the quality of my life is reduced. If I miss my nap I’m really affected both cognitive and mobility wise. It’s hard in the early days to organise yourself to combat fatigue. Don’t worry you are not loosing your mind - I bet lots of people on here have the same problem

I’m just the same. Without fail around 2ish I’m sound asleep. I could even have a nap after breakfast…if only I’d get a chance. You do learn to adapt when you take notice of what your body is telling you then life becomes easier! Janet x

Yes, I get this. I finish work (at a school) at around 3pm, go straight home and sleep for an hour. Sometimes a cat nap in a chair is enough but mostly I get into bed. I set an alarm so I don’t sleep too long then I can get up and cook tea and start on my evening job (typing from home). If I’m walking home (about a 15 min walk on a good day), then it’s a struggle to put one foot in front of the other by the time I get to my house.

I avoid driving far straight after work. My son will drive if it really can’t wait so I can cat nap in the car. If we have a day out we share the driving or take the train so I can nap on the way back. Then I’m fit to drive back from the station. When he was younger and couldn’t drive I used to have a quick kip in the car before I drove us home. I’ve given up caring what others think. My safety is more important!

There are drugs you can try. Amantadine is the most common and works very well for some. Modafinil I believe is better but it can be harder to get this prescribed. It’s always worth asking your neuro though. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Tracey xx

I’ve taken to snacking on fruit constantly throughout the day, I find it helps quite a bit as I’m getting a constant supply of energy. I should start snacking on veg as well but I don’t really like raw veg.

Hi Sammy, unless it is absolutely out of the question, can you not organise your day, to allow for a power nap in the afternoon? Driving when you are unsure you are safe isnt a great idea, as you already have said.

luv pollx

You’re not losing your mind, or if you are then I’ve already lost mine!

I too work in a school, and we finish at 3.20. I have to go for a couple of hours sleep, or I’m not fit to do anything.

It’s been suggested that i start taking meds for it, but to be honest am trying to hold off for a while. Some times I can’t finish a full day and leave early.

Not too bad when the weather’s nice and sunny!

Freckles x

Re-arranging my day is very difficult as I have 4 children to get to school then I’m at work from 10 till 2 then by the time I get home its time to pick them up and I daren’t sit down for 5 minutes otherwise that will be me fast asleep. So glad I’m not the only one. My husband doesn’t understand how tired I feel he just tells me to have an early night but that doesnt make any difference.

Difinately worth trying to get Modafinil - make sure you tell your doctor you have excessive sleepiness - that’s the only thing they’re meant to prescribe it for. It is a nice drug.

Will try anything at the minute. Just hope my doctor will help he keeps refusing to listen until I’ve seen the specialist about my meds, but unfortunately am still on the waiting list