Back spasm?

suffered a back spasm recently extremely painful my GP prescribed painkillers. Pain has eased but now

having to use two sticks to shuffle short distance indoors none indoors before? Will this improve with

time just keep taking the tablets or could this be something worse . Any suggestions?


perhaps some gentle physio could help.

when i have had a spasm i compensate by not moving normally.

i have memories of yoga classes and know what i need to do but am scared of making it worse.

damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Ah Sied, back pain can be brought on by a spasm of MS or just by making an odd movement.

A&E told me my back muscle was in spasm & had siezed. Only painkillers, physio with traction and hot/cold compresses did the trick but it took a few days. This was years before any MS symptoms.

It might be an idea to keep a record of when your pain starts, if it gets worse and when pain eases. Make a note of when you take painkillers & the type, plus how often you need to top up.

Regular Paracetamol every 4 hours is effective as long as you stick to every 4 hours for 2 or 3 days. Managing pain control helps. Don’t do too much when the pain eases.

If no different by Sunday/Monday and you’re still in severe pain, then an urgent GP appt. is needed. Take the notes you’ve made.

Note; An X-ray doesn’t show muscle or soft tissue damage. An MRI will show inflammation etc but needs to be requested by a Consultant.

Don’t accept any excuses or dismissal, it’s important you are relieved from pain and potential spinal injury or damage asap.

Good luck!