Back on the Genilek diet

Hi folks

I’m giving it another go, I did it 5 years ago for just under a year and still had a relapse so went on Betaferon; which has been fairly successful but now I seem to be SPMS I’ve decided to take control once more. I realise it’s a long haul thing, it can take years for it to show any effect. Stocked up with the linseed oil, nuts and seeds, back to eating mainly fish, soya products and olive oil instead of butter. No more cakes, biscuits or chocolate. Ordering lots of vitamins and antitoxants from my vitamin supplier

I already eat lots of fruit and veg and take vitamin D3 supplements.

Please wish me luck.

Wendy x

Good luck Wendy. Your diet is very similar to mine, and now I won’t change. With enough imagination in the kitchen things will taste as good or (more likely) - better!


Thank you Mark, it will take some extra thinking and have to wear glasses in the supermarket to check out the saturated fat content but it will keep me out of trouble.

Wendy x