Back ache.

Anybody any tips for easing a bad back? Some days it feels like its my spine, some days right across the bottom of my back and somedays one side. If i sit a certain way my leg is really painful when i first get up until i flex it a few times. Never had this problem in 14 yrs and still in limbo. Is it worth going to my GP if i’m not diagnosed. I am still under the neuro but don’t see him for 8 months.

Hi, bad backs can be blamed for a high percentage of sick days taken from work and it is one of those things that is difficut to diagnose.

In my case, over the past 16 years, chronic back pain has played a part many times.

Most of the time the reason has been to due poor support cushions. I blamed backpain on my mattress, as felt discomfort as soon as I got into bed. Regular over the counter painkilers didnt help.

It was a physio who explained that the pain one suffers from at night, is caused by daytime activities. Sounds obvious, but hadnt occurred to me!

As a full time wheelchair user for over 11 years, my support cushions are of vital importance. Wheelchair services were a wonderful help.

But if you are mobile, then other reasons need to be looked for. I think you need to see a physio. You may be referred to the MSK clinic…muscular/skeletal clinic. They are more specialised in certain types of pain.

I would ask your GP about a referral first to physio and see what comes of that, eh?

As for the time being, when you sit, make sure your lower back is pushed as far back as possible into chair. Try not to cross your legs a never sit on your legs.

I think that, even if you got diagnosis now, a neuro would still refer you on.

Have you tried any painkillers…regular painkillers dont touch neuropathic pain. You need stronger ones which are available only on prescription.


I’ve tried co codamol and voltarol and they aren’t touching it. I was thinking of seeing someone near private who specialises in muscular skeletal work but if it’s neuropathic would seeing a physio be beneficial?