Baby sex

Hello folks, as a follow on to the post regarding scientists ending certain genes to end a life of headaches etc for parents and child, it was announced today that scientists now think it should be allowed, at least on the IVF programme, for folk to pick the sex of the child to be, again this the thin edge of the wedge, designer babies to suit the likes of the monied Beckham’s, as they have done in the states, Brian

This is a completely different subject Brian to which we were discussing on the other thread. The other thread was discussing how scientifically - genes could be changed by using a third donor to prevent children being born with a severe disability therefore stopping that faulty gene being passed down families from generation to generation. The subject of ‘designer babies’ is a different thing altogether. I think there will be a lot of people against this idea. I don’t agree with ‘designer babies’ but i do agree with trying to eradicate faulty genes from being passed down families. I cant see a reason why we would want children to be born with these problems if it can be stopped. The only reason i can think of is a religious one. Teresa.x