Baby falcolns Hatching !!

anyone interested,there are baby falcolns hatching on live webcam

i have been following for a while now there are 2 chicks hatched this morning and 2 more to hatch.

my family think i am sad lol, i love it i find it really interesting tho.

J x


I am hooked to, thats not sad it is wonderful, I once watched Wedginald a cheddar cheese maturing on a webcam now that is sad

I miss Wedginald


lMAO Don


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Hi J,

Never, never a saddo. You just care about our home grown wildlife. The UK would be a sadder place without the likes of you and the likes of me - a country girl at heart. Carry on web-camming. More power to us I say.


P.S. Not really about PPMS but just shows we can and do have interests outside our oft-times small world.


Not sad at all Mrs J…I have a little Jenny Wren nesting in my shed…she’s used the same nest for three years now, very unusual for a wren. We have a camera on her and I’m glued to it all day long…she sits there so prettily on her five tiny, tiny, little eggs …she has also learnt where I keep meal worms…in an outside cupboard and she has found a tiny little hole to pop in and out of…none of my other birds have found them so they have to content themselves with the dish of worms I put out each day.

CJ Wildlife have several cameras to view if you go to their web site.

Nina X

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Not sad at all, wish I’d read this yesterday! Would have been cool to see them hatch

Don, the cheese probably wouldn’t have held my attention for too long but I suspect I’d need to eat cheese (we get tetchy in our house if we’re down to the last block!), love cheese so much

Sonia x

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Brilliant - really interesting mrsJ!

“I once watched Wedginald a cheddar cheese maturing on a webcam”

Don, you made me laugh - that is so funny!

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