Can I ask if anyone has regular B12 injections. My was low and had the 5 course treatment, I have had it checked 3 months later but no follow up injections. My doctor now says I should have regular injections. Wonder what frequency that you have them.

i take a daily sublingual tablet of 1000mcg

Thanks for your reply. Is that prescribed or over the counter

I’m the same as Paolo. My levels are quite high now. I buy Solgar ones. Methylcobalamin not the cyanocobalamin.

l take a B12 5000mcg methylcobalamin - quick dissolve on the tongue. l get mine from amazon Kirkland 300 tiny tabs.

not even ‘over the counter’; they are ‘off the shelf’ at my local supermarket :slight_smile:

too easy!

Injections every 10 weeks.