Has anyone ever been up on azathioprine to help with relapses before? I’m being put on it due to another condition and my neuro wants t see what effect it has on the MS before starting on interferon injections … Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, my son is on Azothyaprine for Crohns and it has a similar effect to Prednisolone on him. I will be interested to see how you go on it. Good luck.Ell

I have also been offered this drug this week for Crohn’s disease after 12 years & im just about to begin dmds but I didn’t like the information regarding tumors & cancers, so I think I will decline

I have been taking Azathioprine for about 5 years now and it works for me. It is a drug that was originally used to treat transplant patients to lower the immune system response and prevent organ rejection. Have only had 1 relapse since starting it (I progressed to SP now so no more relapses anyway :wink: ). I am checked for cancer every three months with a blood test. It works better than Avonex (side effects of which permanently damaged my retina). Also as a plus – no more needles!

Hope this helps

Well it’s not licenced for MS so I wouldn’t completely happy about your situation.

What about careful monitoring of your MS with regular MRI scans (and proper analysis), etc. Regular MRI scans seem a contentious issue with some MS neuros writing they should be done but it is quite rare for them to be done.