Ive been told by my ms doctor i have Remitting Progressive MS,and have been prescribed Azathioprine 50mg tablets which are increased upto 175mg in the next few months.Have to have regular blood tests,and have been warned bout the side effects. God i was so ill last night, nausea,shaking,shivers. i went to bed at 5pm last night and woke up at 6.30am today,Has anyone else experienced any side effects with this meds.Going to mention it to my ms nurse today. kim

update on this subject.Have spoken to MS nurse and she has spoken to Consultant who has stopped the medication as i had had a reaction. got to go back to ms clinic next week for another drug called mycophenolate kim

Sorry couldn’t help - never tried this one - but glad you’ve got it sorted out!

Hopefully the replacement will work out better for you.