AWL (Absent Without Leave) Blue badge

Hi guys, sometimes we take time off - AWL My excuse is the new form for renewing my blue badge, now I think of myself as literate (be kind now) BUT 11 pages with small boxes for very long answers! I am sending a typed page so that my swiggily writing can be read. I have more to say on this but my energy levels are falling and I’ve not done any work on the form - bugger! I’m off snicker warning?M

That’s awful. I got mine recently and couldn’t believe how smoothly it went. I think it depends on which council you apply to. I live in Cumbria and they said they had to get confirmation from my Neuro that I was truthful but it still took under 2 weeks. After the nightmare negotiations for benefits and insurances I couldn’t believe how easy it was. I just hope that’s a geographical thing. Persist though, I don’t use it often but it’s a good thing to have when fatigue sets in.

Cath xx

Mine went quite smoothly, I did it online and just wrote lots in the boxes…then afterwards they emailed me and naturally there was lots I’d forgotten so I sent an email back apologising that I hadn’t mentioned the ataxia, fatigue, vertigo etc. so even if I was having a good day and could walk a bit further, I might bump into things!

Needless to say it was the usual thing of stressing way too much and then it all happening very smoothly :wink: but it never pays to assume anything will go right!!! I’m sure your typed page will be fine :smiley:

Sonia x

I am so they sent the wrong form I didn’t need to fill in all this c££p. I’m still and angry, I’ll be back when I recover M

Hello, I’ve just done the form for East Sussex. At least they let me leave lots of it blank because I had proof of a current DLA award. It’s best to get it done though-it’ll be typical if you park somwhere without your badge and some over-zealous jobsworth sneaks up on you, regardless of any ambulant difficulties. Someone from the office actually rang me up to confirm the full name and place of employment of my “witness”. She got herself in a real muddle about where my old mate Simon worked. I kept on repeating the name and had to spell it in the end-there you are, the old scouse accent confounds the locals again. Best wishes, Steve.

Oh dear, I didn’t see your last post-now that would have thickened my accent when complaining on the phone. Got a decent malt? That’ll help.

I’ve kept my head down and been quiet here just to get rid of the ******* thing - filtered word! Will post it tomorrow, relief this will be my 3rd blue badge! It is worth it but the stress, anyway guys I hope you have a good weekend muchM