awaken by choking sensation

i was woke up early hours of morning,by what felt like i was choking,i couldnt breathe and was making the strangest of noises,i remember having this many years ago,and forgot about it,but i was so scared .has anyone had this,i am worried about it.

J x


This happened to me on several occasions a few years ago. I told my neuro who informed me that I had a panic attack in my sleep - never mind that I had never had a panic attack before (or since)! I never remember dreams and I’m not a panicky or stressy type of person - but it was truly frightening waking up and not being able to breathe. Thank goodness it has never re-occurred, but you have my sympathy, it’s an awful feeling.

I hope you get a better answer than I did.

Murraymint x

Hi Murraymint,i had it happen just after giving birth .many years ago,and i was told it was a panic attack caused by postnatel depression …wtf ,so when i have had it again the odd time i never mentioned it,it feels like my windpipe is collapsing,and i have to take the biggest breaths just to keep breathing,i then do have a panic because of it being so scary,i am sure its due to my ms though.

lt is frightening - could be you are stressed - and possibly dreaming about a stressful situation. Keep a paper bag near you - as this works so well with any panic or breathing problems. Just breathe deeply and slowly into the bag as if you are trying to blow it up.

l sleep propped up in a sitting position - as l feel l might choke if l lay flat out.

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