Awaiting Results

Hello, I am a 25 year old male awaiting my 3rd MRI result.

Result of my first MRI (4 years ago)

"… Within deep white matter of left parietal lobe, there are few small T2 hyperintense signals perpendicular to the corpus callosum. These are suspicious for multiple sclerosis plquaes… "

6 moths later, I had another MRI:

“… There is redemonstration of foci of signal abnormality in periventricular and pericallosal white matter. Couple of foci have long axis perpendicular to the long axis of lateral ventricle, unchanged suspicious for multiple sclerosis plaques…”

My neurologist didn’t seem particularly concerned… Just said to do a follow up MRI in a year and if I had any more symptoms to come back in. He said he doesn’t really think it’s MS.

My original symptoms were muscle twitching, very slight tremor in left hand. My symptoms disappeared for a long time. Today, I have more muscle twitching, and small pinlike feelings over pretty much my entire body (very random).

I will be receiving results of my recent MRI soon. Just wondered if anyone had any advice/comments. I really don’t know how I feel about it (whether it’s MS or not) and just wondering if any of this is typical.

Thank you very much.

hi dizzle

the only advice i have for you is to prepare for all outcomes.

if it is not ms then you will continue as a resident of limboland which is a very frustrating place.

if your symptoms are worrying you, you will want to know what is causing them.

if it IS ms then you will take up residency on this roller coaster.

fun? not really.

look up all available treatments.

which DMT would you choose?

what about HBOT (hyper barric oxygen therapy)?

this is available at the ms therapy centres, do you have one near to you?

the best thing about these centres is that you get to meet other people with ms, all ages and stages.

also LDN might be of interest. Low Dose Naltrexone is not available on the nhs but isn’t expensive.

i shocked one neuro with my controversial topics!

he was a bit of a wimp

good luck

carole x