Awaiting neurology consultation

New to this… thanks for stopping by and reading.

I’ve just come back from what was meant to be a holiday of a lifetime in Antigua with my husband, parents and my 3 & 5 yr old sons. Sadly I became unwell while away, saw my GP on arrival home a few days ago and I’ve been referred to a Neurologist.

my symptoms are:

  • Intermittent Numb face, which feels itchy all over but I can’t really relieve it

  • nerve pain in my armpits and- numbness and and aching pain in both arms, but more so on one side. Feels like a dead weight attached to my body, tingles and feels fuzzy

  • buzz and tingling feeling in my legs I feel like I don’t trust my legs, they feel trembly and weak as though they aren’t there but I can walk fine. When I lay down it’s like a buzzing creeps up from my feet

  • 6 months ago I had trouble focussing when reading so got glasses with a mild prescription I still have some issues focussing

  • my hands hurt if I have to write for any length of time, and shake a little sometimes

Just playing the waiting game now - I have bloods booked in this week which I may or may not be helpful

Any thoughts or comparisons with your symptoms would be most welcome!

Samantha (40)

Hello Samantha

Welcome to the forum. I’m sure it’s a place you never thought you’d need to be welcomed.

MS is a strange disease, there are masses of symptoms that are shared with other diagnoses (even some vitamin deficiencies!). So you can’t tick symptoms off a list and accept that it’s probably MS. In addition, we don’t all experience the same symptoms, so I might have some familiarity with a few of your symptoms, but not others. So comparing ourselves with MS symptoms generally, or with each other isn’t that useful.

It sounds as though your holiday was distinctly marred by your becoming ill. What a shame. I hope it wasn’t completely ruined. And now of course, you’re worrying yourself silly and playing what could be a longish waiting game, first for blood test results, then a neurology appointment.

All we can do on here is sympathise / empathise, understand what kind of emotional journey you’re on, explain some things that might be useful and listen to you as you go through this period, often called Limbo.

One thing you could do is sit down and write yourself a diary or timeline of what has happened to you and and when. Keep notes of how long symptoms have lasted, whether any have partially or completely got better or are still with you. Keeping a diary of what happens from now on will pay dividends in the future. It’s useful to refer to when you see the neurologist, but it also helps you to keep track of how symptoms change over time.

Hopefully your blood tests will come back with something easily fixable, if not then with luck you’ll get a quick appointment with a neurologist.