Awaiting MRI . . . . .

Hi All,

Found your site following a visit to the Neuro and a subsequent referral for an MRI after MS was touted as ‘a possibility’.

This has all come about following a fall at home leading to a fracture in my hand. When my wife commented to the A&E doctor that ‘he’s really clumsy and always falling about or stumbling’ this led to more questions, tests and a referral to the neuro. These symptoms have been getting worse over the last 9-12 months and I have days where my balance is awful (leading people to deduce that I have been heavily ‘on the sauce’) whilst I have days where there is no problem.

In addition to this, I am also having investigations into a bladder problem which may/may not be related.

Upshot is that neuro says I have poor coordination, poor balance and my eyes flicker which lead him to suspect an issue in the cerebellum.

I’m also adopted, so family history is somewhat limited although my natural mother did have MS.

So, no diagnosis as yet and I may be here under false pretences but from what I can see you are a supportive bunch even before diagnosis! It’s obviously a worry but I’m trying not to!

Well I hope you get a diagnosis soon. The symptoms are horrible to go through but hopefully you’ll get an answer soon. No, you’re not here under false pretences at all, even if it’s not MS it’s still neurological in nature. Hopefully someone more clued up about Neuro things will be in touch with you soon. Welcome to the site xx