Awaiting MRI results

I was diagnosed CIS in January this year after some altered sensations in my arms and legs mainly at night. Had 2 MRIs last year in August and November which showed 2-3 brain lesions but 2nd scan unchanged. LP positive for o bands but SSEP and VEP normal. Did have an episode of pins and needles of both lower legs in 1999 but as only lumbar spine MRId at that time hard to rule that in or out to diagnose MS.

Started Rebif in February with plan for annual MRIs. Had MRI on Monday and struggling with waiting for results. Seeing MS nurse on 20th but don’t know if she’ll have results or whether she’d be able to tell me that it’s now MS.

Has anyone else with CIS had persistent symptoms? I still have the altered sensation overnight and had thought I’d get complete remission.

Sorry for rambling. I’ve been following the forums and though not posting have found it very supportive to read others experiences.