Awaiting DMT treatment

I don’t know if anyone can help me I was diagnosed with secondary progressive MS five months ago obviously due to the pandemic I realise things are a bit up in the air with NHS. My neurologist called me last Monday and says my MS nurse should have put me on beta interferon B by now even though I opted for Sipmamod I m so confused :thinking:… if anyone can help it would be much appreciated x

Hi, I can’t really help but I think you need to speak with the ms nurse or consultant again. I also have SPMS (with relapses) and i am waiting for siponimod as i thought it was the only drug available - but i may have that wrong

Thank you so much for your reply and it’s reassuring to me to know that I m not alone in my wait for siponimod. It means a lot as mine has relapses too and I think sometimes you can feel alone on this journey if u understand what I mean. Positive thinking for us both

you need to talk to your MS nurse hun. we cant do anything but comiserate with you. i would contact the MS nurse and ask what is going on. good luck hun.

Thank u huni my neurologist rang me last Monday and I believe he’s on the case so fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:but thank u so much for your reply

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