Further siponimod problems

Hi everyone. I have now been waiting 3 months to have the blood tests for Siponimod and I have been told to just keep waiting. My MS nurse is on holiday and my neurologist is not contactable - only through his secretary. Does anyone have any advice on how to get this happening? Apparently, as the first recipient in the county, the ‘infrastructure’ takes time?

I’m on it as I have said before. The only thing you can
do is keep phoning them. In the end it was my ms nurse
that sorted it out, but I had to keep badgering her!
It’s so frustrating because you want to start taking it ASAP so you can get it working!! Until the nurse comes out to take bloods there is nothing you can do. If blood is ok it then takes time for the delivery people to get set up! I know exactly how you feel :rage:

Thanks for this. It’s now been 6 months and nothing. Neither MS nurse nor neuro making contact or replying to my queries. Legal action?

What is the ms nurse saying when you contact her?
All I can say is to keep ringing them until they get fed
up with you!
Good luck🤞

It’s now been a year since i was prescribed siponomod and finally someone is coming to take bloods on Friday. Still no contact from ms nurse no matter how many times i have called. My symptoms have obviously progressed quite considerably during the year and the excuse of covid has been bandied about. Is there any legal action I can take?