Awaiting diagnosis


My name is Caroline- I am 35 and awaiting an official diagnosis.

I actually went to the doctor with sore knees- referred to a consultant who was concerned by my lack of balance (which I had put down to sore knees). Rushed in for an mri of spinal chord and brain which showed evidence of Ms. I am still awaiting appointment with neurologist.

I have done so much reading about symptoms I am driving myself and my family mad. I have pins and needles in left leg and stiffness and pins and needles in left hand. Reading about bowel control- I have had 3 episodes of total loss of bowel control for a few days in the last 4 years. Could these have been relapses? One was the day after my son was born.

I have gone from being a complete emotional wreck to very cross about how long they leave you waiting for appointments.

Thanks for reading

Hi Caroline i found myself in the same situation as you, i googled and made myself ill, when you go to the neuro take a list of questions ( i did but totally forgot i had one and left with more questions than answers) since getting my Mri results i have been going over previous things that have happend mostly put down to anxiety and even shingles even though no rash appeared and wondered maybe it was this, i am a little frustrated that there is not much communication between appts and waiting is just awful, try and keep positive ( hard i know ) get some knowledge to take with you so you don’t feel as overwhelmed with the appt, sorry i can’t offer anymore but please take care x

Thanks Sue. I am desperately hoping that the wait won’t be too much longer.x