Really excited about my neuro appt…

In February 2023 :joy::woman_facepalming:t2: I’m really disheartened that it’s going to take so long! The original referral was made before I developed more symptoms and my eye appt so I’m hoping my gp can plead my case for me.

I think the meds are starting to work as I have less tingling in my legs. I’m still struggling with my hands especially writing and clumsiness. I seem to loose balance too. Not massively but sort of wobble if that makes sense.

Hope other people in the same boat are having a more positive diagnosis experience x

Its so long winded to get any answers.

“excited” isn’t a word I’d use to describe a neuro appt. Too many serious downsides to contemplate

There was a big dollop of sarcasm in my title I’m very apprehensive and the wait has made it much worse

It is very long winded im definitely not expecting answers immediately just maybe a reassurance that I’m not bonkers which is what I’m convincing myself of right now.

I’m in awe of the people here who have waited so long for a diagnosis and somehow kept it together!