Can't wait that long...


Have posted before. Will recap. Had ON mid Feb, followed by MRI which was abnormal and Opthalmologists letter to GP said it showed “probable MS”. Referred me to a neuro surgeon which wasted 3 weeks. Finally got an appt with a neurologist for 20th august!! Now although I don’t seem to be suffering very much, some altered sensation in my left arm and leg, and an irritable bladder I am finding it very difficult to live with the uncertainty.

I also know that an appt won’t answer my questions immediately, but I just feel that a conversation with someone who knows what they’re talking about will help me to get my head round it.

So, I have arranged to see the same neuro privately . Even since making the appointment I have started to feel less anxious.

I just think it’s awful that you have to wait so long for an appointment and wondered what sort of waits other people have had. I still have to wait til next Tues, but that’s a lot better than 3 months!!