Awaiting answers.....

Hi, a 50 something female new to the forum, and reading through other people’s posts a little confused! I have been having problems with very painful muscles since the start of this year, backwards and forwards to the physiotherapist & GP at my practice. At first, it was thought the symptoms were related to a known slipped disc, so I had an MRI on my back - less damage showing than in scan of 10 years ago. The GP did some “neurological tests”, but couldn’t really say much as I have constant double vision since childhood!
I had an MRI of my head & neck yesterday, and awaiting results.
Over the past 10 years, I’ve had the following which COULD suggest MS at various times:

  • A tendency to fall to the left when walking

  • An inability to stand still for long as my feet & legs went numb

  • pains like sciatica in my arms - including numbness of fingers

I’ve been off work now 4 months, and having to use a walking stick to get around.

Any thoughts?

Welcome to the forum. Yes it does sound like MS. My wife has the same issues and has been diagnosed since 1996. She had her MRI straight away and avoided the lumbar puncture. She is 58 now and her MS affects mostly her left leg and fingers.

Hi LoriJ, it sounds as if you are having a horrid time and I hope it eases for you soon. The only thing I can think of (as it helped me) is to consider going the a Chiropractor. They can help realign your spine which helps if you have a trapped nerve. Of course its expensive but it was worth it for me. I’m in a wheelchair and sometime lean to the left which I think is to ease pain but once I’ve seem a chiropractor I can sit up straight again. Just a thought in case it will help.
:kissing_heart: Maz

Hi painful muscle could apply to FIBROMYALGIA. it can be stand alone or come with something like MS.

I used to walk to the right at work and hit the filing cabinets my arm was black and blue. Mine kicked of 2000 went blind then 2006 went to car boot and couldnt walk my legs were so stiff ugh. I also suffered sciatic in my right leg and frozen shoulder too. I cant or couldnt bear to stand up as my legs would go numb and weirdy painful.

you are the right age for onset PPMS. I was about your age when weird things started to happen to me before 2000.

dont give up. xx