Avonex versus Plegridy

Hi folks,

Has anybody any experience of both Plegridy and Avonex?

I am in the process of changing my dmd from Plegridy to Avonex, because the side effects from plegridy were difficult to manage.

I had a chat with my nurse who recommended the change because she has known people who had a better experience

with Avonex.

My one reservation however is wondering if im jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

Jackie x


Sorry I don’t have experience of both and my few months on Avonex (years ago) weren’t good. But surely they are the same drug, just different methods of ingesting it?

If you’re swapping from one type of beta-interferon 1a to another variety of beta-interferon 1a, you might experience the same side effects.

Wouldn’t it be a better plan to swap from Plegridy to a different DMD? If you’re sticking to an injectable, why not Copaxone? Different (ie very few) side effects. And the same method of subcutaneous injection as Plegridy. Ok it’s more frequently injected, but so long as you rotate the injection sites that shouldn’t be a problem.


Thanks Sue, it is from the same family, you’re right, but my nurse felt that the Avonex might not present the same intensity

of side effects, I really don’t know though.

I did consider Copaxone but as the nurse didn’t bring it up as an option I didn’t think any more about it.

Thanks for the reply, ill investigate further and if I do swap to Avonex ill let you know my experience.


I was put on Avonex when i got dx took it for 4 years when it was time for my shot i took a ibuprofen my side affects were like a bad flu for a couple days but mine were not that bad so it all depends on how will take to it one may handle it then one may not.


I took Copaxone for about 5 years and had no side effects whatsoever. That’s partly why I’d suggest it. It’s got the same relapse reduction profile as beta-interferon. And while it’s got more frequent injections, they’re still subcutaneous rather than intra muscular. (Much easier.)


Thanks folks, that’s very helpful.

I’ll have a mull over it all.

Jackie x

Hi Jackie,

I have taken both Avonex and Plegridy and for me, Avonex was far better. I tolerated it far more easily than Plegridy but everyone is different.

Good luck with your decision.


Hi Jackie I was on Avonex from July 2013 to May last year when I changed to Plegridy. I got on ok with Avonex (although I had issues with the flu like symptoms and occasionally had trouble getting the injector pen to work). My neuro has recommended that I try Plegridy - the injection every 2 weeks was very attractive. However it all went very wrong very quickly. I went down with shingles (not sure if the change of DMD had anything to do with it) and on the advice of my GP and MS nurses suspended further Plegridy injections until the the shingles cleared up. Once I was over that, I found that my body couldn’t tolerate the Plegridy and my mood got so low that on the advice of the MS nurses and neuro, I changed to Tecfidera. I have had no major side effects and fingers crossed, I seem to be tolerating the new dmd much better. Good luck with whatever you decide to take - there is loads of support and advice on here. Mags

Thank you to everybody, that information is very helpful believe me. I’ll, keep you posted on my experience Jackie x