Which injectable?

hi everyone

I really need some advice on which injectable to use for my next DMD I had to come off Tecfidera due to infections every month.

Im looking at Avonex- once a week into the muscle

Plegridy- once every 2 weeks injected under the skin

Rebif-3 times a week

I would really like some feedback and experiences. Can anyone please tell me the difference between injecting under the skin and injecting into a muscle, ie where the muscles normally are. ( does that make sense)

Many thanks

Ann x

i have used copaxone (subcutaneous injection) which served me well until i developed lipotrophy on my left arm. switched to tecfidera and have had no problems. whichever you choose, there is always the option to change again if it doesn’t suit you. the injections into muscle are like the injections for immunisation.

If you’re going for Interferon Beta 1a, that’s both Avonex and Plegridy. Avonex being intramuscular, it’s a much longer needle. It seems to me that out of those two, Plegridy wins, subcutaneous and only once a fortnight.

In a way, Plegridy wins over Rebif too as that’s 3 times a week.

Just my opinion.


Thanks for your replies

I was swaying towards plegrady as only once a fortnight injectable and as I don’t yet have experience of injections I feel It wouldn’t be too stressful as a starting point.

Anyone else taking these drugs?

Im sure there is please share your experiences. Side effects etc.


Ann x

Hi Ann, I gave a reply to your concerns on a separate thread on this forum. I’ve been taking Plegridy for over 3 years, and have shared some advice, and some of my experiences with the drug with you there. Nia.

Hiya, I’ve been on avonex for 5 months now and I find the injections really easy now. It wa daunting at first but I was advised by my nurse that injection into the muscle would be better for me as you can get skin reactions with the under skin ones. I had a fairly strong reaction to my flu jab so they thought it might be the same. I’d recommend avonex. Once you’ve got a good routine around pain relief for the flu like symptoms it’s ok. I take mine at 7pm. Have my amitriptyline at 7.30, paracetamol at 8 and ibuprofen at 9.30 when I go to bed. I mostly sleep through the side effects now. Good luck with your choice.