Avonex Injector Pens

Does anyone else on Avonex have problems with the injector pens? My first batch have been particularly difficult. It is always a battle to get it to release and you have to go round the whole of the top to get the right point where it will release. Should it be this difficult? Thanks Ruth

Hi Ruth, I was told by my Nurse that when you position the pen ready, to push down the top part first before pressing the button as this releases the button. I hope that is helpful. Every week, I struggle with the button releasing and it’s always the same thing. Sam x

Thanks Sam, I struggle every week with it so will try this next week.


I have the same problem, every week it take me ages to find the correct place to press to make it go off and it’s becoming an ordeal (it took 30minutes to do last night). I’ve spoken to my nurse about it and tried some of the dummy pens again which seem to go off easier, but Im still having problems with the real thing.

I’ve tried pushing it down first then pushing the button, but I’ve still got the same problem - Im interested in the other replies you receive to this post!

Take care

Ruth xx


I do find the button on the pen to be a tad stiff, even when you have the correct pressure applied.

Im not sure if the way i do it is right, but the way i manage it everytime is to set the pen up. When its all together and “primed/cocked” i hold both sides of the pen in the middle and work the spring a few times (making sure not to touch the button when i do).

It does seem to make it better. Then i push it down a tad too hard on my leg and slowly release it untill it just covers the little rectangle.

Then it is a lot better to use.



Yeah, I have the same problem it is difficult to get it to go off. I’ve found I have to use two hands, one to hold it in place and release the lock and the other to push the button, even then its not the smoothest.

take care

Donna x

Relieved I am not the only one that struggles with it, my MS nurse said that previous pens had not been that difficult and that she was going to write to the manufacturers about it. Thanks for everyones responses. Ruth