Avonex helpline in the UK

Hi Does anyone happen to have / or know where I can find the 24 hr telephone number for Biogen Idec / Avonex in the UK? I/ve been on Avonex for 4 weeks and am randomly having a really tight chest. I’ve never had asthma or anything like that. I’m struggling to the point where I’d go to hosptial or walk in centre but NHS direct were pointless and I can only find American numbers. I’ve emailed healthcare at home who provide my avonex but had no response back from them. I’m sure I am prob ok - was just hoping for a bit of reasssurance

Puns this on thee Biogen Idec Ltd website, hope it helps. If you don’t get anywhere go see your GP. Phone: 44 1628 501000 Fax: 44 1628 501010