Avonex blood monitoring?


I’ve not been on in a while but was wondering if anyone could help? I have been on Avonex now for just over 12 months and I read that I should be having bloods done on a regular basis to check liver function etc? I haven’t actually been called in for any at all just bloods taken before I started.Does anyone have any experiance of this?

Thanks in advance


Hi Cheryl

I was on Avonex for about 18 months - 2 years. I stopped taking it in December as I’m going onto Fingolimod in a couple of weeks (should have been last Friday but appointment got cancelled because of Bed Blocking).

Anyway, before I started taking Avonex I had bloods done, then after I started taking Avonex I had to go in and see the MS Nurses and have bloods done every 12 weeks for the first 6 months I think. Then it was MS Nurse and bloods every 6 months.

I would make a call to your MS Nurse if you have one, if not your GP or Neruo just to check if they would like to see you.

Hope this helps


Hi again

Sorry, May98’s post has just reminded me that I had bloods every 12 weeks for a year not the 6 months I said earlier.

Thanks alot for your answers! Fingolimod is the next step for me should I relapse again in the next 12 months according to neuro let me know how you go on Rob :slight_smile: I have an appointment to see neuro in feb so I will mention it then thanks again

cheryl x

I was on Avonex for 8 years, I just changed to Tecfidera. I had bloods every 6 months the first few years then annually.