Can you drink on Avonex?

May well be a daft question but I only drink about once a year on a night out but presume that will have to end once I start Avonex?

[quote=“Spud”] Don’t take that noctisising venom.! Drink yes! Avonex NO [/quote] Pat, whilst it was unfortunate that you had a difficult time on Avonex please bear in mind that there any many people using it wth great results.

Why? I’m not on Avonex, and have no idea what the official advice is, but I’m sure most users here aren’t teetotal!


My MS nurse said moderate drinking was fine on Avonex, and while I cut down I certainloy never considered stopping. You should get liver function tests while you are taking it to check things are OK.

Ah great thanks. I just checked out the side effects online and saw it said something about it potentially causing liver failure which obviously worried me a bit x