Treatment with Avonex

Hi all, I have just moved back to the UK after living abroad for 12 years. I have been using Avonex for the past 10 years and it is working well. It was paid for by my medical insurance, which we no longer have. I have registered with a GP who has sent an urgent referral for a Neurologist appointment, unfortunately there is a 3 month + waiting list in my area. So I am going to see one privately in Leicester, I am anxious that I continue with the treatment and am a bit in the dark on how it all works here now. What can I expect at the appointment and is there anything I should be wary about. I see there is a criteria to meet, but I can’t find out what it is? Thanks for any advice, it is much appreciated.

I don’t know this is why; not in this paper I think; that Avonex had a life span of 10 years

It is totally wrong anyway; I know someone who has been taking it for 17 years and is still getting good results.

I don’t know; perhaps ask your Neurologist; I changing your DMD will alter your results but personally, I do not see any reason to change.

The only criteria I am aware of; it is only effective for RRMS.

Good luck.


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Things change over time; innovations and improvements are continually coming on line.

You might be past due for an ‘upgrade’.

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