Hi guys

New to this site and just wondering is anyone using Avonex? I have looked on the MS site about DMD’s and picked out this on as it sounds the best one for me.

Just waiting now for it, and just wondering how others find it and if they think it helps

Thank x

Hello, and welcome

I’m on Rebif and was previously on Copaxone, but I know there are people on here who use Avonex. (You might find more people on the Everyday Living forum though.)

If you look at the stats, Avonex is a bit slow to start working, but it’s better at reducing progression than some of the others and still helps reduce relapse rates and relapse severity. So hopefully it will be a great choice for you :slight_smile:

Karen x


I started Avonex about 8 weeks ago. I chose it because I felt it had the best chance of reducing relapses and also because it’s only once a week it fitted into my lifestyle better. I’m working full time still. After the first one, the flu like side effects were pretty awful for about 24 hours but gradually each week they’re getting a little less. I just don’t plan anything too taxing the next day!

The actual injections are really easy, I’m using the Avonex pen. I never thought I would be able to inject myself but I cope really well. As for if it’s helping, well I guess the only way to tell if is there are no relapses but there’s no telling whether that would happen with the Avonex or not.

My thoughts are, that even if there’s a slight chance of the Avonex preventing a relapse then that’s a chance worth taking.

Best of luck.

Lynne x

Can I just ask how were you assessed for DMD’s and what criteria did you have to meet? I was diagnosed in Feb and have an appt on Monday with MS specialist, I think for DMD discussion. Thanks.

Sorry, just a bit confused about the two significant relapses criteria. I have had two relapse but just not sure if they are ‘significant’ enough! Sure I’ll find out on Monday, just wondering what to expect, been waitng for 6 months for this appt! Thanks, Daisy.