Avonex and other illnesses

Hi everybody, is anyone else on Avonex and struggling to get rid of things like the common cold. I am now on my second course of antibiotics because I now have a second sinus infection just from a common cold which started at beginning of June. I am fortunate that my doctor allows me to decide if I get the antibiotics and gave me a prescription before it was infected on case I needed them so I didn’t have to go back but it’s really getting to me now. I was never ill before my diagnosis (well other than the neuro symptoms) so really struggling to admit defeat when I really should be resting, thanks Ruth

I haven’t started on it yet but just wanted to say that I have had a cold that has lasted for ever and am really suffering with my sinuses and wondered if there was an incredibly high pollen count this summer as I don’t suffer with hayfever usually?

Of course I also have a one year old who has had a cold pretty much since she started nursery in March which won’t help.

Hope you feel better soon x

Know the feeling about children, my 2 year old is at nursery and picks up everything going, I’ve never suffered with hayfever but there are reports recently that pollen is getting more potent so a possibility.