automatic cars /dvla

Hi ,can anyone please advise me on a couple of things im not sure about,before i cause myself problems with driving.I have ppms and struggle with walking any distance,have recently awarded hrm.

I was looking at automatic cars on motability but

1.Do i need to tell dvla if i select a automatic car through motability

2.Can i revert back to a manual car in future if i wished.

I currently drive a manaual car,thanks for your help

You do need to tell the DVLA that you have MS anyway. So that when you insure your car you can ‘tick’ the DVLA lnformed box re disability. The DVLA will ask your permission to consult your GP re your mobility. My MS affects my left leg - so l can drive a automatic with no problem. My driving licence was amended - saying l could only drive a vehicle suitably adapted for my needs ie automatic. At first my driving licence was only for 3yrs at a time - now it is until l am 70.

l have driven a automatic car for about 28yrs now. l have never bought one through motability as l found it was too expensive - and l wanted a large estate so l could get dogs/scooter in.


The easiest thing that I have found to drive is a car with a large diesel engine, and an automatic box.

All the motoring “experts” will tell you that if you only do a low annual mileage, then a diesel is more costly to run. None of them have ever seemed to grasp that the difference is not a lot, and the ease with which you can pull away in traffic (for example) is really worth it.



I’ve been driving an automatic for a few years now, I prefer “point and shoot” cars anyway, and my left leg is quite weak now, I find a manual car too tiring. I don’t think there would be a problem with Motability if you wanted to swap between automatic and manual when the time comes to change the car anyway, but if you want to change in the middle of the 3 year term, they will charge you a fee. I think that if you are driving an automatic car through choice, the DVLA don’t need to know, might be different if it’s through necessity. Are there answers to your questions on the respective websites?

Luisa x

Unless you are incapable of driving a manual car there is no need to indorm the DVLA [as long as you have told them you have MS].

I have driven automatics for many years but I am still able to drive a manual so I would not want my license to show otherwise.