Hey everyone…, I’m just wondering if anyone has experience of aubagio tablets… I’m considering asking about them but like to do a little research of my own beforehand

cat x

Hi, I did consider Aubagio. I was informed by my MS nurse if I am looking to get pregnant I need to come off Aubagio for two years before, so it is fully out my system.

Tecfidera also called BG12 is a new tablet and MS neurologists can prescribe it from next month. xx

i was offered a choice between aubagio and tecfidera.

aubagio requires a fortnightly blood test which has to be done at the hospital where your specialist is based.

tecfidera, on the other hand, only needs monthly bloods done at my gp’s,

so tecfidera it is!!

carole x


i’ve been on aubagio for 6 months now with no problems. The 2weekly blood test is done at my local gp so I don’t have to go into hospital.

Hi everyone and thank you for your comments…very much appreciated:-) I opted for Tecfidera and have been taking it for ten days now, its been ok so far aside from nasty stomach pain a few times but ill hang in there in the hope it disappears.

cat x