Hello everyone,

I’m still bristling.

Yes thank you for delivering the Elk Manga lifting cushion into my house. It may well come in handy. But don’t talk to me like some half wit who who knows nothing about basic common sense (and physics). You don’t have to give me the over patronising fce normally reserved for teachers warning children about crossing the road.

End of huff. Have a relaxing weekend, Steve.

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Now now Steve, be a good boy!

Polly xxx


Dunno who trains these people…

Never mind Steve… one day they might look back and cringe at how patronising they were!

Have a good weekend,

Pat xx


I hate being patronised too

I think some people just can’t gauge their audience, so have a basic patter for a five year old and do not veer from it - probably because they aren’t capable of coping with any complicated… ooops, I’ll stop now before I rant!!!

Sonia x


Hi Steve,

Oh goodness me…how frustrating for you!

Hope you’ve stopped bristling now! I do hope you get some benefit from the Elk thingy…let us know how it goes.

Take care of yourself,

Nina x


Hi Steve

maybe I’ve been lucky, I haven’t met much of that sort of thing really. However, I have various carers who come in, once a week to put me to bed when Ruth goes out with friends, and twice a week to get me up. Most of them are great, but one or two are too hands on, and they push and pull me around, try to lift me when I can manage by myself, and so on. What they do actually makes things more awkward for me. I may move slowly, but I always adjust and maintain my balance, which they destroy. Ah well.

i do hope you’re feeling better for the rant and have had a good weekend.