ATOS medical With A Friend today.

I went to an ATOS medical today to support a friend,we was pritty angry at one point.

We got there at 10 am and his appoinment was for 10-10 am today.We had to wait in the waiting area and was there for an hour and a half after the appoinment time.We were chatting as usal but after a time I was starting to swell and in pain.Lucky I took pain killers in my bag.But good I didnt get the tremors.

A young polish woman invited us into a room,yup her english was not so good.When my friend tried to explain his situation she got annoyed and said you do know these medicals are only supposed to last 25 minutes so keep your answers short.WHT THE???

Anyway we carried on with the medical answering her questions,my friend was nervouse and flustered a little so I add to the questioning.She then said are you sure you two are just friends.I was like hello yes me and his ex wife were pregant at the same time.We didnt like the fact she was annoyed at us.But we brushed it off.

I can understand many must get angry at her and that she would think we would do the same but we soon all three were laughing.

As she asked the questions she read everything out to us,which was a good thing.Asked if we were happy with what she had written and we both said yes.

I also stated how my friend found things difficult to find words to explain his situation and how he was feeling about the bad things in his life had happened,she was happy for me to explain,she took my name also.

She did a physical assesment,she got annoyed again,she said if you cannot do these things just say you cannot do them.But he continued.She said just do what you can do and growled you have your witness with you to show what the issues are.I thought you cheeky little BLEEP.I piped up the thing with me is I am NOT a liar and I am to truthfull and it often gets me into trouble.

She stopped her bad attitude.

55 minutes later the medical was done.

I think it went well enough and better than expected.

Now I know what to expect when I have to have the ATOS medical for ESA allowance.

Maybe she was trying to stir a reaction from either of us but it didnt work.

But I must say it wasnt as scairy as I thought it would be…


Well done Charlie, I must admit when I went as my sons carer we were waiting for trip ups in the conversation. Some did come, like how did you get here. As his carer I wasnt likely to shove him on a bus and say get there was I.

Ironically our medical examiner found my son couldnt lift his arms above shoulder length because of bone abnormalities, so she actually found something we didnt know existed. We thanked her for her observations.

It all now depends on the outcome. With my son and I we were pleased with the group he was placed in, however if your friend isnt satisfied, please appeal as lots of others have done so.

Good luck, gut feelings are a good indicator. Do let us know what happens, and Im glad you were there to make sure your friend didnt forget things and be a confidant & advocate.

take care,



Thankyou bren.x

I maybe a little crazy,forgetfull and a bit squished at times but when it comes to friends I will go out of my way to help.He did get a little confused with some questions and I explained them to him more clear,the woman was a little impatient.

I feel pritty poitive for him and hopefully he will get ESA.

I am also going to help him fill in DLA forms for him and his son,he didnt know about these benefits nore the extra carers allowance he can claim.He asked why dont anyone tell you that this help is out there,I said babe they just dont you find things out by accident or find out from people like me.

I am a bit of a clever clogs when my brain fog clears up a little.

It has ment the world to him that someone spent time to listen to his problems,help him with a lot of personal and professional advice.So far what I have told him,cannot say on here,and the advice I have given is working out well for him,he is a single dad trying to care for his children.

Hopefully he can then get more help with benefits and all round personal and legal matters.

Come on he has ME on his side now and I am darn GOOD…


Hi Charlie sounds like it all went well enough. Good luck to your friend with his claim and hope he gets the right outcome. Cheryl:-)

Thankyou Cheryl.x

I just wanted to show others that even though she was a bit annoyed that the medical appeared to go well.

I hope he gets a good outcome and gets his ESA…


Yes and what they don’t seem to realize these people is that even if we were deemed fit to work:-

a) How many employers are there who would be prepared to take us on given our condition?

b) How many of those employers who would take us on would be prepared to pay sick pay when we are relapsing?

Yes there are people out there who have ms and decent jobs, but finding a decent job that will pay sickpay when your out of work is not an easy task at all.

It’s not just about the mainstream relapses either, fatigue and weakness, muscle spasms, vision probs, co-ordination etc etc can come and go in brief but frequent periods too and in varied quantitys, making the task for ongoing work far more difficult and arduous than these people seem to think at times.

My sympathys to your friend, I hope it all works out in the end regards his claim.

Caj to be honest I agree with you,it appears to me and many others it is just a way of saving money with the goverment,I explained what was happeing to my doctor,physio,OT etc and they are disgusted of how the goverment is treating us who are in need.

NO EMPLOYER will employ us once we tell them whats wrong with us.Yet we will be forced to show we are looking for work.