at yet another crossroad

Hello pals! I am in a bad place just now.

The problem is my shoulder. I wrenched it about 2 months ago when trying to hutch yself back into my wheelie.

it seemed to get better, but yesterday I did it again…big time!

Now I can hardly use it for anything other than this 2 finger typing. Can`t even sit and do my sewing projects.

All I wanna do is go to bed!

I had this feeling years ago, when my left foot kept tripping me up and I kept falling. I had constant severe pain in my thigh from lifting my leg and swinging it out in an effort not to let it trip me up.

Most mornings I wondered what the point of getting up was.

I got over that when I began using a wheelie.

Now I have been a full time wheelie going on 8 years.

I had a hoisted installed last Nov, but i was worried my legs would seize up. so the routine was to hoist for bed, and wee times when in bed. I don`t mean I weed i bed, I mean in and out for the commode. About 4 times a day/night.

That meant using my patient turner for the other trips to the loo…about another 4 times a day.

But with this shoulder pain, going to the loo using the turner is total agony…it`s had me close to tears.

One thing I am really getting anxious about is when I go out. I need the loo once or twice whilst out, and I do this with the help of a carer (sometimes 2). I have to find the strength to stand, turn and sit and then t`other way round. It is knackering.

But what will happen if I cant do it? Will I just have to wet myself? I tried using a feminie wee good at all.....cant get itin there…too fat!

Flippin eck…what to do, what to do?

luc Pollx

Poll darlin’ I’m so sorry to hear you are going through this.

I suppose you’ve looked into using a catheter? I think there are some that you can use in the wheelchair & with bit of practice are they are easy to use. Have you an MS nurse you could call… or OT? Random suggestions that you have probably already thought of.

Thinking of you and hope you find good solution soon and pain goes away.

Take care,

Pat x

Hi Pat, I suppose I should`ve added that yes, I did have an in-dwelling catheter for 6 months about 3yrs ago.

It was horrendous! It leaked, flooded, made me bleed and caused severe pain when seated.I also considered a supra pubic one, but my tum is so big and heavy, I`d never be able to find it!

I don`t want to go back to that.

Thanks for trying to help love.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll

I am so sorry to read you have injured your shoulder, you really are going through it at the moment.

Not really sure what to say that might help it, I just wonder if physio may alleviate some of the pain for you.

This ms malarkey is a real bind Poll, we seem to get over one hurdle and another one pops up in its place. I do hope you feel better soon, but am sending you some ((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))) so you know we are thinking of you.

Take care

Pam x

Hi Poll so sorry you are having a bad time, hope you get some relief from it all soon. Take care love Karen xx

Hi Poll Don’t think I can help with advice except to say that maybe the GP could give you something to help with your shoulder injury. I’m really sorry that you are suffering and hope that this gets better very soon. Thinking of you, Love Teresa xx

Hi Poll x I’ve got nothing to give you either - only best wishes & positive & caring thoughts xxxjenxxxx

Hiya Poll

Maybe you have some physical damage-similar to RSI I am thinking. Am just guessing I hasten to add! It could be caused by wear and tear-I am not saying you are old-not at all! I have had 2 or is it 3 steroid injections into my shoulder-not rsi, just wear and tear. A wee bit of muscle catches on the bone now and again and its soooooooooo sore-canny brush teeth or wipe bott! (sorry if too much info!)

The injection does work and lasts approx 4/5 months.

Perhaps a Dr or physiotherapist would be able to know/decide for sure.

Hope u find a solution soon.

Ellie x

Look, Poll, severe, chronic pain is totally debilitating and only a saint or Pollyanna (which is not you!) would easily see the bright side under such circs. I doubt whether there is anyone on here who has not had the what-if? horrors. It’s b awful, and I do so feel for you. Hang on in there for better days, Poll - they will come.



Hi Poll,

Sorry to hear you’re having such a rough time of it at moment. Thinking of you and sending (((((HUGS)))))

Janet x

Come on poll wouldnt you be the first to advise folks to get the shoulder properly looked at and treated!!!

Please do and then follow up the other suggestions.

Take care Pip

Thanks so much for all your kind and sincere words.

I used my tens machine on the shoulder last night. It did ease the pain and i`m trying not to put so much pressure on it.

much luv, Polly xx

Polly, Do get your GP to refer you to a specialist for your shoulder. l injured mine - after a couple of nasty falls - l tried to ignore it because at the time l was having to help my OH - who had a brain-tumour and was unable to wash/dress etc.

l ended up having to go into hospital for keyhole surgery on it - Rotor Cuff repair. And my OH was taken into hospital - the same day for his op. This was about 5yrs ago. We both survived!! My shoulder did take a long time to recover - but it is ok now. And OH recovered enough to be able to swim 100 lengths at the local baths everyday.

lts so difficult to get comfortable with a bad shoulder - you can’ t lie down - and you can’t get comfy sat up - so l do know what you are going through.

You might just need some physio - it could be a pulled muscle causing the pain.

Don’t put up with it - make a fuss - we have enough problems without extra ones.

Sometimes an ice-pack will help reduce painful inflammation.


Hi Polly

A friend of mine has the same trouble with going to the loo, she has given in and had a catheter fitted. She tells me it’s made life for her and hubby much easier, also she has found that she can drink more water and therefore no longer constipated. As for your shoulder, I was wondering if you have a frozen shoulder, they are very common with MS and can cause lots of pain, there is treatment for them from the GP.

I do hope you find some way around your problems, Poll.

Take care

Love Wendyxx

Cheers Frances, the tens machine is helping quite a lot.

luv Pollx

Hi Pollx,

Glad to see that you are a bit better today.

Lots of good advice being giving to you,hope some of it works.

Dont forget that you are an inspiration to a lot of people on this forum.

Take Care.


Hi Chris, oh you do say the nicest things!

Been using tens machine…it helps…plus doing every transfer via hoist.

luv Pollx

Have you been advised to try self catheterising? I wee sometimes naturally but catheter 3 or 4 times a day, always before I go out which allows me three or four hours of freedom without needing help to get to the toilet. I can feel a normal human being for a night. S xx