Asthma issues n Bladder Probs

Hi to all I have asthma which i belive is made worse by My Husbands Smoking. I am continually Coughing Phlegm i do have inhalers but they are not effective enough. I am having to sit up to sleep ect i had everything but nothing helps me When i went to see asthma nurse she changed my inhalers blue one and now have fostair she is sending me for spirometry on 25/11/2014. So hopefully i might get some answers… I had a urology appointment for 12 th of november for my bladder n tony refused to take me and i missed the bus so appointment 9 th of January. Any advise would be helpful Thanks. Dolphin 500.

hi dolphin

sorry to hear that you have these problems and an unsupportive husband!

try to make back up arrangements for getting to your appointments.

local authorities may offer a service such as ring and ride which will pick you up from home and take you to where you need to be.

have you been seen by a continence nurse?

do you think you are retaining urine?

the bladder nurse would advise cutting out caffeine, alcohol and other stimulants because they irritate the bladder.

as for the husband - maybe he hasn’t got his head around the facts of your illness.

make sure that he has the necessary information - leave leaflets about asthma lying around.

get a big, tough friend to give him a kick up the bum.

carole x