Assessment to see if fit to work

Hello I currently get high rate mobility and care of PIP I have been asked to fill in a form related to my CSA if I am fit to work I have asked my MS nurse to be my health professional who knows how my MS effects me. I have asked for a home visit a I can’t walk more than a few steps without it hurting. I had a terrible experience with my PIP assessment had to ask for it to be looked again the rate was reinstated but it was so stressful I really am dreading having to fight all over again there’s no way I can work please if anyone has had similar experiences I would appreciate you telling me thank you

get support from CAB, welfare rights or similar.

it is outrageous the way we are being bullied and pushed around.

all i can say is fight for your rightful entitlement.

you’re right about the stress it causes so do plenty of deep breathing.

good luck x

Thank you Carol it is so good to talk with people who understand x