ASEA treatment

I was wondering has anybody tried Asea for ms. Somebody told me about it a few days ago but I haven’t been able to get much info on it. Going by this: it seems to be a treatment for ms but that could be just a marketing ploy. It seems to be basically water and salt but I would like others views on it.

Hi Martell, well I didn’t read it all… but the bit ‘MS is caused by highly acidic waste products’ was enough for me.

I’m sorry to say it appears to be another ‘alternative treatment’ company that make a fortune out of people who are desparate for more effective treatments or a cure.

I haven’t tried it and wouldn’t waste my money on it.

If it worked, our neuro’s would be advising that we use it… as they are presently advising us to take high-dose Vitamin D3, because in proper scientific research and trials it has shown to be beneficial.

Sorry to say but I think that Asea is just another ‘miracle cure’ that is out to exploit desparate people.

But interesting… and thanks for posting.

Pat x

Desparate = Desperate… when are we going to get a spell check on here!

I’d say you’re probably right Pat. I was kinda sceptical and hopeful at the same time.I’ll keep an eye on it and see what if anything develops.


Martell, I can tell you from my personal experience that Asea is no scam. It works wonders!! I’ve been in chronic & increasing pain since an injury to my neck & left shoulder for years (17+) & after several surgeries & you name it, nothing did much of anything to relieve the pain. In 2005 a doctor finally had me getting botox injections (2 full vials) in my neck & shoulders to ease up the severe muscle spasms. This severe = couldn’t move my head or lift my left arm for over 6 years (until botox). Over time, with still working and this causing posture issues, I ended up with a few herniated discs in my lower back as well. I’m no longer working, but that didn’t prevent things from getting worse. I can easily say that an entire back spasm isn’t pleasant whatsoever. Top to bottom. As the years have gone by, it became more and more difficult to function at anything. I dreaded pretty much everything, knowing what the “payment” would be. Sleep… what sleep? It all accumulated to such a point that I’d lost hope long ago.

I was introduced to Asea in July 2013. I like to do my own homework and did for a time, but also trusted who told me about it. I decided to give it a go and see what might happen, or not happen. It’s new and more of an “unknown” than it is familiar. There is a point where we can become desparate for any help we can possibly get to just “try” to find relief in any way. Including surgeries and anything/everything out there. I started drinking Asea on Aug 1st and wasn’t expecting much of anything. Really didn’t know what to expect. I took it as I was instructed (most important to do it right - on an empty stomach) and noticed a BIG change within the first 3 days. Hmm… made me wonder how far this was going to go. I’m the type to gather longer term information before I make any kind of comments on something, so I kept drinking it.

The longer I was drinking Asea, the more and more improvements I realized. I was able to do things I hadn’t done in YEARS during the first month, let alone that much more as each other month has gone by. Funny thing was, I started Asea 2 weeks before my next botox shot appt and normally, the botox wears off more every day of the 3rd month before I get another round of injections. I’m usually feeling the desparation for the injections well before the appt date. Not this time. The main problem muscle wasn’t nearly as enlarged as it usually was at that stage. More hmm… very interesting. How could this stuff do so much in 2 weeks? At that time I’d been depending on what the botox would do for me for years! 8 to be exact. Every time after then was the same. No more desparation for the botox injections! I can’t tell you with words how MUCH of life Asea has given back to me and how thankful I am!! I do wish that others living with pain could have the same. It’s something I don’t wish on anyone. I can do so much more now & my recovery time after doing anything is cut so short that I’m not “bound” to a chair for the majority of my day anymore! :slight_smile:

To be clear for some that may wonder, as I’ve read so many accusations online against Asea, I’m not paid by them to say this. I’m a real person that had a real nasty injury years ago. Sometimes I wonder if the ones making so many negative statements about Asea aren’t paid by the pharmaceutical companies to spread garbage about it. It’s easy to see why they would with many getting help from Asea and not being as dependent on their products. Competition can bring out the ugly in some. Sad but true. Easily put, after drinking Asea for nearly 11 months, I can state that it has done much more for me physically (thus, mentally) than anything modern medicine has had to offer. I’ve been put through all the paces on that end. To all who wonder, I’ll advocate the “give it a try” for at least 3 months. It won’t hurt you (totally non-toxic and won’t interact with anything you’re currently taking) and if you want to find more information on the scientific side, google redox signaling molecules. I wish you well and hope you find the help you’re seeking.

Thanks Lyn, also like you was very skeptical when offered ASEA as a possible solution to my pain, Having suffered with arthritis in my Knees, hips and shoulders for 10 years, Torn bursars over 3 years ago, had several cortisone injections, continuously on anti inflammatory medication, 12 months ago got pinned under 4 sheets of marble - since then had to wear braces on both ankles, knees,hips and shoulders. Dec 27th 2017 a friend suggested that I give the ASEA liquid a go, it has been the best decision I have made. Within 3 weeks, I was able to remove my braces, stopped taking pain killers and could go to sleep completely pain free for the first time in years, I couldn’t believe it and thought it may only be a short term solution. I have been using it now for 6 months, I started drinking 4oz of the liquid twice daily and using the gel twice daily, still taking the liquid twice daily and now only using the gel in the mornings now. Last week I was diagnosed with MS, so have been looking up and talking to people that have been referred to me here in Australia that are using ASEA and have MS, I have spoke to 12 different people, they have all had amazing results and much improvement, so I am willing to keep using the ASEA products and will measure my own results with this latest challenge that has been diagnosed.