Hello Good People,

Hope everyone is coping OK with the many different ways that this condition affects us ?

My apologies if this has been discussed before, but is anyone taking “serrapeptase” (a natural enzyme) with any beneficial effects ?

Quite interested in trying this, but would value some feedback/experiences beforehand

Many thanks and look forward to any comments in due course.

Best regards to all,


I tried this a while ago and it made no difference one way or the other. No benefits and no side effects.

Hi Flowerpot,

Many thanks for your reply.

Could I just ask what strength you tried and for how long ?

(…sorry to be a nuisance, but I’d really value your further advice.)

Warm regards and thanks again


Hi Dom

I’m so sorry, I can’t remember what strength, it was about seven years ago, about a year after my diagnosis, when I went straight to a diagnosis of SPMS. Having been told by my abrupt and somewhat disinterested neurologist there was no cure and no treatment. I felt I had nothing to lose by giving it a try. I think I probably took it for around six months.

I’m sorry I can’t be more help.

Thank you for the update, Flowerpot.

I’m SPMS too, so in the absence of any official medication to deal with ‘progressive’ types of MS, I’m looking for an alternative way to try to improve things myself.

(…it often feels like the medical profession has written-off the very idea of trying to help?!!)

If I find something by happy accident, I’ll be only too pleased to let everyone know, so wish me luck


Hi Dom

I’ve never heard of this vitamin, so curiosity got the better of me

Good luck with it if you decide to try and do let us know how you get on


Snap Jen! I read striptease too initially. The wonders of the MS mind

I do wish you lots of lots of luck. x

I do wish you lots of lots of luck. x

Hi Folks!

Sorry to post this so late on in the day, but this is my first day trying Serrapeptase.

The initial plan for the first 7 days is to try:

2 x serrapeptase 80units first thing in the morning

2 x serrapeptase 80units early evening

…both times, tablets to be taken on an empty stomach

I’ll review dosage after 1st week and either increase/decrease/keep the same for following week depending on whether I’m experiencing any effect at all

Fingers crossed !!!