As if my head wasn't fuddled enough

Have a need to rant, please bear with me, had cerv spine and head MRI 5 weeks ago, ( after initial neuro app) then had a bout of mad pain a fortnight ago, doc appointment over the phone, which was a bizarre jumble of mainly " we’ll I don’t know what would YOU like me to do" from the gp!!! Anyhow she said nothing on MRI, but now I have a letter from the surgery telling me they received MRI results the day after the phone call and I need to see them ASAP… I’m slowly loosing all faith in the lot of them to be honest… Sorry to ramble, think I’m all het up and nervous again … Has anyone on this brilliant site had such a ramshackle experience?..

Hi, Yes i have had several ‘ramshcakle’ experiences of GP’s!

I think the trouble is they know very little about MS or any neurological conditions as there training in this field is limited. The fact your GP is still trying to help you despite having no clue what to do, believe it or not, is a good thing! There are many who wouldn’t help at all for fear of upseting the neurologists. So don’t loose all your faith just yet, they just need to know what’s happening to decide how best to help. I hope the results provide some answers for you, have you a follow up appt with the neuro about the results?

Let us know how you get on?

Laura :slight_smile: