As I expected :s

Got my disk of the MRI and just as I expected, I don’t get it. Not one jot :s lol x

Yes, popped it in the computer and looked at the images, it’s just jargon to me. I can clearly see the brain but there’s a white butterfly shape in the middle and around the intestine looking stuff there’s white outlines. No idea and no notes with it, so I’ve no idea what the images mean lol. So waiting for a report hopefully :slight_smile:

Some things change: some things don’t. I still have the films of my first MRI in 1999 under the spare bed in a great big blue ‘X-ray’ envelope. That recording medium has changed. I never bothered looking at it, because I didn’t have a light box but, more particularly, because it wouldn’t have meant diddly squat to me, any more than yours does to you - some things never change!


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Read sticky above

Cheers for the link, have read that before and still I’m no clearer : s. The brain is just too complicated for me to understand :s