Trying to understand MRI result

Had MRI a few weeks ago and today I got the disc so I put it on computer.Didnt know what to look for in it,but saw my brain and saw 3 bright lights on it I think.Kinda scary looking at it,thinking think that it’s more lesions. It says on it past scan and now scan.Anyone know bout MRI reading?

Hi Jimmy

I had a disc with my results. I was told that my MS lesions show up as white patches on the disc. I had MRI of my spinal cord and the white patches in there matched up to the MS symptoms I’m having. So, just look for white patches and these are your lesions.

Hope that makes sense.

Shazzie x

Shazzie it’s my 1st time I’ve ever looked at mri scan,just that I saw 3 bright spots but not sure if it’s from my last mri or the one I had a few weeks ago as it says previous scan on 1 scan. Bit confusing trying to read mri,im also sad if it’s more lesions as im on tysabri. Joys of ms I suppose

Bright usually indicates active lessons. Dull grey is scarring. Or that’s how I think it’s been explained to me

I think staring at a CD and trying to work out what the various little splodges and spots mean is a little bit pointless for those of us without the knowledge to translate the pictures to knowledge.

I once had a CD with my scan on it, I tried to look at it but couldn’t make head nor tail of it. When I changed neurologist, I offered him the old scans (different hospital) which he promised to transfer to their system and return to me. He never did send them back and I just ignored it. They were really of no use to me.


The discs ae def confusing.

During one of my neuro appts my doc put mine onto his screen and explained what the patches mean so I am clearer now that he has explained. He pointed out that the wite spots were lesions.

Ask your neuro to explain I would Jimmy.

Hope you get answers.

Shazzie xx

Just had a look at disc from 2012 and the same bright lights are on it. The same lesions as then,thought they would have died down a bit since then. Saw scarring then but not as much now.Confusing trying to understand it. Il let the neuro explain it, I just don’t understand it. Thanks shazzie


i too have a copy of mri’s on disc. cranial osteopath translated them into words i understood. but they have been involved in my care from the onset. medics in general dont like to step on a neuro’s toes-which is fair enough but is of no help what-so-ever to us!

ask your neuro?


Thanks for the info, I went looking at it again and saw a few bright patches and dull grey patches. Still don’t know what it means but it is interesting to look at.

Ellie, I just had to look at it to see if I could understand it but it’s not something I do understand so il just let the neuro explain it. They just tell me what I need to know and that does me.