Anyone else use art as a means of expression?

I do a lot of painting and collage. I am hoping to have an exhibition at the end of the year. Some of my work is on my blog. XX

Very impressive! I particularly like the piece called ‘California’. Reminds me very much of ‘Day of the Dead’ Mexican art that you see so much of in California. Well done you…

Also loved the Ug boot story… ‘the gift that keeps on giving’… te he that’s the best description of MS I’ve ever heard!

Pat x

Hi Pat,

I am glad you liked it. The california is a silly little card I made. I have lots of day of the dead art. I shall update some more art.

I just got some mags through the post from and old friend who heard I was ill. WOW Gift that keeps on giving Pat!

XXXXX the fashionably ill.