Arnica gel

Hi all hope you are all feeling okish ,i have just bought some arnica gel to see if it would help with the pains in my legs and feet and well my husband put some on about 10am and they are still feeling alot more comfortable than they ever have for along time or am i just wishful thinking, i hope not .

Take care all Katy

Good luck with it continuing to do good! Don’t dismiss the power of wishful thinking, either. If that makes something work for you, then more power to you, I say!

I’m all for natural remedies that have been used for hundreds of years by people in the know, if they didn’t do some good, they’d not have been used for that long, would they.

Hi, I always thought arnica gel was for bruises. Reading a bit more on the web it can help with pain of stiff muscles and joints. I might have to try it myself on my legs… thanks for the idea!


Well put some more on last night for bed and again this morning and still feeling a lot better than without it so i will keep on with it ,cant do me any harm and its nice and cooling as well when feet and legs feel hot.

I got mine from QVC 1 litre bottle for about £20.00 SBC is the make if anybody is interested.

Have a nice weekend all . Katy

SBC stuff is good an usually a good price on QCV too I have used tons of the stuff historically, when your hobby involves metal then bruises & burn means Arnica is a must have

From my own experience, getting my husband to rub in my magnesium spray does wonders, so I’d say you’re benefiting from the massage more than anything else. I think Arnica is supposed to help with muscle strain as well as bruising so it certainly isn’t going to hurt if you have spasticity. I freaked out when I first read the Baclofen small print, it decrease muscle tone! I spent a long time getting my muscles

Sonia x

I’m mystified by arnica and the whole homeopathy thing and read this only last week.

I recently heard of a local GP rubbishing homeopathy and saying that you might as well use tap water as the remedies are so diluted. However I’ve tried them in the past. My first experience with homeopathy was amazing - I’d had an amniocentesis for my son and had a massive bruise on my stomach. I bought some arnica gel which got rid of the bruise really quickly. i hadn’t been expecting any improvement either.

But I always think that if it works and is safe/harmless, then who cares why it works?

Louise x

Do any GP’s advocate alternative medicine? I’m sure the odd one does, but not many. I find myself rubbishing that GP’s far from objective and unbiased opinion!

Very interesting to see that Aussie GP’s were prescribing homeopathic remedies.

It all depends on the individual product, doesn’t it, and how it’s been processed. I swear by aloe vera gel for burns, that stuff’s amazing, way better than any over-the-counter medicine. I also cut a leaf off my aloe plant, slice the dark green outer off on one side to expose the inner gel, then (very awkwardly) fix that over the burn with a big strip of fabric plaster. Next morning, all the gel from the inside of the leaf’s been absorbed and the burn’s not sore at all.

I burnt the tip of my finger a few weeks ago, ended up with a blister the size of a petit pois, but because it got the aloe leaf treatment straight away it didn’t hurt at all. The blister went white and just shrunk on its own over the next few days, didn’t hurt if I caught it on anything, I forgot it was there unless I saw it.

Natural remedies are fabulous if they’re safe and used in a way that let’s them work.

Many years ago - l was at the ‘Lido’ with my friend and our children. Her son gave his head a real wack jumping off a diving board. We rushed him to first aid - and they directed us to the local medical centre to see a doctor. The one we saw was also a homeopathic and alternative medicine specialist. He gave the lad lots of Arnica pills and also daubed a thick layer of the arnica gel on his head. The lump was the size of a golf ball. But within a couple of hours the lump had gone - and there was never a bruise. So we have always got a litre bottle at the ready.