Arm Spasms

An arm spasm question i got off my bike just now went to try and walk up the path from our front door and wham it hit and stayed tight for about 15mins before it gradually released leaving my arm aching does anyone else get these right in the tricep ? i had it many times now the last time all i did was put a t-spood in the kitchen drawer , its left me with a numbe and tingling pain right down through to my forearm/wrist and it feels as weak as ive taken everything i can except for a smoke and dont wanna smoke it away as im supposed to be out for a meal and family gathering tonight have taken pregabalin diazepam and codeine full dose any body know of any hints tips or tricks to ease it many thanks in advance also does anyone want to go out for me tonight as im dredding it

respect sheep

hi sheep

i dont know of any cure but make the most of it.

its a damn fine excuse for throwing your drink at anyone who annoys you!

i regularly drown my OH and just say “spasm”.

enjoy the night out.

carole x

Better 4 you manesium oil from amazon stops spasmagnesiume, also take magnesium and could also try a bath with epsom salt in from the chemist . X

Thanks Carole & Zoe yep today is better i can type and drink my coffee without using a straw and getting my laptop wet but i did get it wet this week but that was due to a brilliant joke by Polar Bear

Today i got a phonecall saying ive been approved for Nabilone and i am now waiting for the Hospital Chemist to ring me as i gotta ride 45 miles there to pick it up then 45 back home but im chuffed it was approved maybe now i will be at least a bit more comfortable

respect sheep